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Omar Alvi_1
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RedHat 7.2 lab setup


I've been working with HP-UX for around a year.
Now I have an assignment to setup a lab at a university with redHat Linux version 7.2.

The setup is: 1 server, 36 workstations

i'm looking for help in the following (in order of decreasing importance)

- best action plan to efficiently install redHat 7.2 on the server and workstations.

- procedure for implementing an installation server (is it a good option?)

- documents for installation procedure

- if possible a lab course layout for students at the undergrad level.

my email address:

i'll really appreaciate your help.

Thanks and Regards

Stuart Browne
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Re: RedHat 7.2 lab setup

*whee!* simple stuff! Much fun! (damnit, 5:30, home time and a doctors appointment . . .) Ok, quick ntoes!

It's relativly easy to configure up such a network in a short period of time. You just need to figure out how to get some of the following services working on your server..


Once those are working, you're in easy street!

Do a manual install on one of your workstations, and then grab the 'anaconda-ks.cfg' file (of which will be dumped into the /root/ directory). You can then tweak this to your hearts content in order to create a custom installation for your PC's.

On the RedHat site there's a customisation guide and a KickStart guide of which will help you further with this step.

Once that's done, afloppy (boot-net) for NFS installation, and you're off to the races!

All the documentation you'll need is on the RedHat site, just use the big search button for "Customization" adn you'll be fine.

umm, gotta go. doctor calling.. running late.. *eek!*.. damn the good questions coming in when I leave! :P
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Re: RedHat 7.2 lab setup

Install server the traditionel way (boot from cd 1 or installation floppy) do all the tailoring (net applic etc)

install 1 workstation keep notes of you choise

test server and workstation 1

tune adjust server and client until satisfied

read the following

adapt server to run kickstart.

test kickstart on workstation 2

adjust if need be kickstart and redo on workstation 2

do all the other workstations

hope this meta script meet's you need's

Smile I will feel the difference
Jerome Henry
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Re: RedHat 7.2 lab setup

Apart from the kickstart installation process, which is THE way to easily do the install, I run scripts to erase some files or do some set up.

But for a start course, running the getting started course from redhat is often quite efficicent (but it depends of course on your students skills and age) :
Look at :


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