RedHat 9.0 on Proliant 1600R

Dany Hugelshofer
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RedHat 9.0 on Proliant 1600R

I've installed RH9 on a Proliant 1600R and it works fine. But a day later the system hangs with blank Screen. The only thing i can do then, is to force a reset. After a new bootup, the machine is working one more absolutely fine until i come at next morning.
Has anybody an idea about?
Mark Grant
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Re: RedHat 9.0 on Proliant 1600R

You will probably find this will end up being a hardware issue but there are lots of things you can try first. Check you don't have a cron job running that is breaking the machine. It could be the version of X and the video card you are using so check you have that set correctly. It could also be network related. See if there is anything in the "messages" file which could be in /var/log though who knows where Red Hat put that these days :)
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Re: RedHat 9.0 on Proliant 1600R

Not knowing the level of your Linux Knowledge I I will try to be as descriptive as posible.

As root have a look in the following log's/files for error's, warning's.

#dmesg | more
#cat /var/log/messages | more
#cat /var/log/boot | more
#cat /var/log/loginlog | more
#cat /var/log/security | more
#cat /var/log/cron | more

Well look at all log in /var/log that are relevant to your enviroment
note you can also have a look a previous version of theses log's (use zcat instead of cat if they are compressed)

You should try and determin if this alway's happens at the same time every day or at the same time since boot

I agree with previous reply probably HW releated, if this is the case you could be in search of answer for a while
having a look at
#crontab -l | more
is a good start, but this could also be something like when updatedb process run's or even an electrical event on that particular power socket ?

Keep us informed of progress.


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Dany Hugelshofer
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Re: RedHat 9.0 on Proliant 1600R

its a general problem with linux systems (also with SLP8.2, SLES8, RHEL3) and the Proliant 1600 BIOS "P08".

The solution for SLES8:

boot parameter:
(will not work in cooperation with "nousb")

after that it works,....but you can forget your X

also navigation trough second, graphical part of installation process (SLES8) is tricky: you must use your keyboard to navigate, and your mouse to apply the keyboard commands

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