RedHat 9.0

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RedHat 9.0


I have instaled the RedHat 9.0 distribution in my Compaq Presario 715EA, but I found some problems related to the correct configuration of the monitor definitions. The monitor type was not detected. Can any one tell me the correct monitor configuration?

Also, there is some problem with the batery, the maximum I can get is 5 minutes! But before I instaled RedHat, with any windows version, I get at least 1 Hour.

Thanks for any help
Jerome Henry
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Re: RedHat 9.0


Most of the times, screens on laptop are not recognized by RH installs, as there are too many and most are of the same type.
Juste select default laptop flat screen 1024*768, and you'll get good performances...

As for the battery, the redhat battery level displya manager sorts incorrect outputs. That is to say that your battery seems to be at 70% charge, whereas it's going down to 15 % (example). Try to charge it full before turining up, to see if the trouble is the display manager or the system battery utilisation...


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reino urala_1
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Re: RedHat 9.0

Hi Denny,
check this www:

For battery:
At least,if acpi is not working perfectly,
the current consumption under Linux may be
about 2 times that of Win.XP! If battery
internal resistance is poor (1h under Win),
the output voltage drops rapidly in case of
Linux without acpi working = Battery is
"empty" in a few minutes.