Re: RedHat 9 on Proliant 3000

Tenley D Peterson
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RedHat 9 on Proliant 3000

I am having trouble loading RedHat 9 on my Proliant 3000 server. I used the SmartStart by Compaq to automatically partition, and then tried to manually partition the drive during the RedHat install. I am not sure if I entered the partition info correctly. The first time I installed, I did the complete package. This allowed me to see the desktop, but when I tried using the office productivity software, the video card was messing up. Then I erased, repartitioned with SmartStart, and then tried reinstalling, this time only installing WindowsX and select apps. Now the whole screen looks messed up. I think there is something wrong with the video card, but after the first install some of the desktop was viewable... I am clearly inexperienced with this and am rather exhasperated. :( Please help!!!
Steven E. Protter
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Re: RedHat 9 on Proliant 3000

It would appear that the issue at hand has nothing to do with disk partitioning, just in case you were thinking that.

I would look at the video card, which by now should be supported. You might need to swap it out, or if its built in put in another one and then configure the bios not to use the built in card.

I've worked on a Proliant 1600 and the thing is built like a tank. I'm uncertain as to how easy it will be do replace a card on your unit.

Steven E Protter
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