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RedHat Connects to DAT40 Using HP Ultra320 SCSI

Donny A. Hudiansyah
New Member

RedHat Connects to DAT40 Using HP Ultra320 SCSI

I am installing RedHat AS 2.1 on Proliant DL380G3. Previously I connected the server to HP DAT40 through its SmartArray port, and the DAT40 was accessible as /dev/st0.
Now, I want to add HP PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI, and use this card to connect to the DAT40. When the server is started up, the Redhat does not recognize the newly installed SCSI card.
I use customized kernel (2.4.9-e.27) for the server. Is there any configuration to be done prior to using the SCSI card?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: RedHat Connects to DAT40 Using HP Ultra320 SCSI

The only thinig I know you may need to do is get the server support cd/download for the proliant.

You boot of this cd and set up any scsi disk arrays you have attached to the system. The scsi card and DAT drive should be detected by the OS though you may need to install the manufacturers driver.

Steven E Protter
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Stuart Browne
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Re: RedHat Connects to DAT40 Using HP Ultra320 SCSI

You say you've used a customized kernel. Do you know what SCSI drivers you've built into this kernel, and what SCSI driver modules you've built?

Depending on which card you've got from HP, depends on which driver to use. Most I've seen use the aic7xxx driver however.
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Celso Medina Kern
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Re: RedHat Connects to DAT40 Using HP Ultra320 SCSI

You need the drivers mptbase and mptscsi version 2.05.08-1 to be loaded. You can get it from ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) version 7.0.

Version 7.00 of the PSP contains version 2.05.08-1 of these drivers in the Smart Component rpm packages for the ProLiant 64-Bit/133-MHz Dual Channel Ultra320 Adapter.

After loading it, execute:
#mkinitrd /boot/[initrd image name] 'uname -r' -f

Using syntax similar to the following, update the boot loader configuration file:

for GRUB
title (name as displayed in the GRUB boot menu)
root (hd0, 0)
initrd /[initrd image name used in step 2]

for LILO
label=[Name as displayed in the LILO boot menu]
initrd=/boot/[initrd image name used in step 2]
# after saving, run `lilo`

Reboot the server using the new boot menu option to ensure the correct version of the driver is loaded.

was suposed to have directions about driver install, but is not.

I expect you have the PSP CD. Perhaps the package drivers for DL380 you can get from hp website is also a source for these drivers.

I found something you should be aware: PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 Host Bus Adapter Does Not Support Both Internal And External Devices Connected To The Same SCSI Bus.


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