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RedHat linux Alphaserver?

Mr Joe Bates
Occasional Visitor

RedHat linux Alphaserver?

My department has been handed an fine old Digital Alphaserver 1200 5/400 (in blue case), and I would love to know if I will be able to install linux on this hardware.
I have downloaded from ftp site an iso for RedHat 6.2 (as a colleague recommended this) but do not seem able to boot from the CD and get to linux kernal.

The procedure I have followed so far is this:

I boot the server to the 3 sergeants prompt, insert cd (iso downloaded from and type the following at the prompt:-

b dka500 -fi /kernals/generic.gz -fl root=/dev/scd0

This attempts to boot from the cd and displays :-

/kernals/generic.gz: file not found
Enter kernal name and arguments:

Can anyone advise me if this server will take linux? And if so, any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
Bojan Nemec
Honored Contributor

Re: RedHat linux Alphaserver?


Try with /kernels/generic.gz not /kernals/generic.gz. If it works good, but if you look at this site

you will see that AS 1200 are listed as unsupported.

Good luck.

Mr Joe Bates
Occasional Visitor

Re: RedHat linux Alphaserver?


Thanks for your advise here.
I did do a silly typo on my previous message, and now feel very embaressed! But even if I spell kernels correctly the command still fails as detailed.

On the site you advised it lists this model of server as compatible but unsupported. So in theory I should be able to get it running right? Gotta be worth me continuing to try I think.

Has anyone out there ever managed to get Linux on this model server?
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: RedHat linux Alphaserver?

A quick
for "+alpahserver +generic.gz" suggest your boot string is correct, allthough some quote the lags argument (when it has more than 1 word):
boot dka400 -fi /kernels/generic.gz -fl "root=/dev/scd0 text"

Silly questions:
- dka500 is indeed your cd rom? >>> show config
- The iso image was properly burned? If you mount the cd on a linux bix you can indeed 'see' generic.gz?
[a friend recently burned the iso file to a cd instead of using it as an image!]

Here is a good generics alphaserver/linux starting point:
It points to a limited Suse download:

The debian web site suggest AS 1200 support: