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Redhat 2.1AS v Bastille

Redhat 2.1AS v Bastille

Has anybody loaded Bastille on Redhat Linux 2.1 Advanced Server...?
Does RHEL2.1AS support Bastille?

When I try to install it, it give an error REHL2.1AS is not a supported OS

[root@localhost root]# bastille -c --os RHEL2.1AS
ERROR: Couldn't determine Red Hat version! Setting to 9!
ERROR: 'RHEL2.1AS' is not a supported operating system.
Valid operating system versions are as follows:
'DB2.2' 'DB3.0' 'RH6.0' 'RH6.1' 'RH6.2'
'RH7.0' 'RH7.1' 'RH7.2' 'RH7.3' 'RH8.0'
'MN6.1' 'MN7.0' 'MN7.1' 'MN7.2' 'MN8.0'
'MN8.1' 'MN8.2' 'HP-UX11.00' 'HP-UX11.11' 'HP-UX11.22'
'HP-UX11.23' 'SE7.2' 'SE7.3' 'SE8.0' 'TB7.0'
'OSX10.2.0' 'OSX10.2.1' 'OSX10.2.2' 'OSX10.2.3' 'OSX10.2.4'

Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: Redhat 2.1AS v Bastille

RH AS 2.1 is read as RH 7.2
bastille -c --os RH7.2

Have a confirmation here :

jerome henry
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