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Redhat 7.1 email problem

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Vernon Brown_2
Frequent Advisor

Redhat 7.1 email problem

Installed everything. Found xinet.d and turned on ftp, telnet, ipop3, and got httpd running. I'm using the box as a server for my network at home with two HP pavilions running Windows. Everything seems to work except outlook express can't find the server. Email doesn't work. I can browse the internet from the clients and from the server itself.

I can telnet to the server port 110 if I first telnet to port 23, but can not telnet directly to port 110.

I can send email and test email is in the mail cue. Just can't read it except by telnet and using mail from the command line.

The server is an HP pavillion, 500 MHZ, 20 gig drive.

Any ideas.

Joseph Bague
Frequent Advisor

Re: Redhat 7.1 email problem

Do you install a firewall? if yes make sure
that you accept connection at port 110 and 25.
Check also the /var/log/maillog for any error.
Expect nothing but ready for everything
Vernon Brown_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: Redhat 7.1 email problem

I was running ipchains. I took that out of the start up script and will try again today.