Redhat 7.3 installation problems on lp1000r

Reinis Rozitis
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Redhat 7.3 installation problems on lp1000r

I've got some problems with installation process..

Using CD installation in 'text noprobe' mode stops/freezes at RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0
Using 'linux noprobe': at USB detection..

Booting from installation floppies stops at 'VFS: mounted root (ext2...)'

Even tried with 7.1 boot diskettes. Then installation stopped at 'starting kswapd'.

This is the first time I'm installing linux on some HP Netserver, so is there something I amdoing wrong (missed some preparation steps) although the HP Redhat installation guide seems pretty simple (just inserting Installation CD and thats all), so I have no idea..

If there is any solution, willbe glad tohear it.
Thnkx in forward..
Stuart Browne
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Re: Redhat 7.3 installation problems on lp1000r

I've only seen this sort of behaviour in one other machine (not a HP machine), and that was because of dodgey memory.

Have you got another NOS CD around (i.e. Windows or something?). Try installing that and see if you can get it on.

The fact that the error message keeps drifting seems to indicate some physical problem with the seating of the memory or CPU, rather than an incompatability.
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Reinis Rozitis
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Re: Redhat 7.3 installation problems on lp1000r

Yeah.. Just plugged one of the 2 mem modules out(there were 2x256mb) and everything went fine!
Its mystic cause the module was detected fine by bios..
I'll try to set it up without and then put it back..
Craig Kelley
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Re: Redhat 7.3 installation problems on lp1000r

It might be a bad RAM module, so even if the machine boots up after you re-insert the chip, I'd watch it _very_ closely for signs of failure. Compile a kernel, or do some other memory-intesive activity for a bit to be certain that everything is OK.
Matthew Frye
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Re: Redhat 7.3 installation problems on lp1000r

I am having a similar problem: I am trying to install RH7.3 on and HP Pavilion 6745C. Most of the time, the install gets to where anaconda starts, then the machine restarts, but every once in a while it gives me a crc error when trying to load the kernel. Once, it actually started the install and got all the way to the section where it actually installs the package, then restarted.
I have read a few things which lead me to believe the problem is related to my architecture (my CPU is a Celeron 700), but these articles haven't said much other than "look at the L2 cache settings." Someone please help me so I can get off the Windows train at Linuxville. email me: mattfrye AT mindspring DOT com

Based on what I read in response to the previous post, I am going to try taking out one of my two DIMMS (I added one, 2x64MB). Any other suggestions?

Appreciate your help,
Matt Frye
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