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Redhat 9 on Presario 2100

Erik Poupaert
Occasional Contributor

Redhat 9 on Presario 2100

I've bought a Presario 2100 with the idea that the ATI Mobility Radeon video chip would be fully supported.

Not true. A probe doesn't reveal any additional information. And the support helpdesk at Compaq doesn't know what chip it is. Some people within Compaq know, but nobody knows who.

Has anybody been able to operate the Presario 2100 with a more specific X driver than the generic VESA driver I'm using now?
Goran Koruga
Honored Contributor

Re: Redhat 9 on Presario 2100

You should be able to identify it using its PCI ID. Use "lspci" and "lspci -n" to find it.

Look here for some info about it:

radeon driver for X has an option to specify PCI ID:

Bruce Copeland
Trusted Contributor

Re: Redhat 9 on Presario 2100

Nearly all of the recent Compaq and HP notebooks use RadeonIGP video systems. The RadeonIGP systems have many similarities to conventional Radeon systems, but they use different (ATI) host bridges (agpgart) that are NOT supported by current Linux kernels. The RadeonIGP systems include video chips that have ATI Mobility Radeon characteristics, but ChipID value for these chips are usually more recent then what is fully recognized by probing under XFree86 (including 4.3.0). You can generally force these systems to run with the XFree86 radeon driver by 'faking' the ChipID. My ze4100 linux web site ( includes an XF86Config file that does exactly that, and will probably work for you with only minor modifications. You can't use hardware acceleration with a RadeonIGP system because there is no recognizable agpgart.