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Redhat AS 3.3 & qla2300

Greg Martin_8
Occasional Contributor

Redhat AS 3.3 & qla2300

I'm trying to install RH AS 3 update 3 on to my new BL20p G3. After the initial boot, RH does not detect a storage device to install onto. The server has two internal SCSI drives.

Interesting that this worked fine on my BL2-p G2 servers.

Can someone help me out?

Bryan Eley
Trusted Contributor

Re: Redhat AS 3.3 & qla2300

Is it that RHAS 3 isn't detecting the qla2300 and/or able to load a driver module for it? I've heard there have been some issues with that. Here's a link to a thread discussing the issue and a possible workaround:

Hope that helps!
Serviceguard for Linux
Honored Contributor

Re: Redhat AS 3.3 & qla2300

I've seen a problem where, even though you define the install drives as the location for the system, grub identifies a LUN in external storage as teh disk to boot from. I don't remember if this was with U2 or U3.

Look carefully at all of the disks identifed during install, especially the boot disk identified by GRUB.