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Redhat Linux install on HP4550Z

David Asgeirsson
Valued Contributor

Redhat Linux install on HP4550Z

Hi - has anyone installed Linux on an HP4550Z or equivalent machine?

The problem I'm having is with the modem / sound card. It is a HCF hardware winmodem, and riptide sound card, the Redhat install doesn't find drivers, I tried Connexant which pointed me to, but I couldn't get these drivers to work, even after compiling the source distribution.

Anyone out there able to use sound and/or modem in this PC ?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Redhat Linux install on HP4550Z

These boxes were designed without Linux in mind. The modem is a winmodem, which is specifically designed to require Windows.

Worry not, there are workarounds, depending on how much you like banging your head on the problem. has Linux drivers for Winmodems.

You'll have to go to the manufacturer of the Video card(not hp) to get a driver for the video card.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
David Asgeirsson
Valued Contributor

Re: Redhat Linux install on HP4550Z

Well, it took a while transferring files by floppy disk... but I didn't find anything new on Just some listings. I used the scanmodem tool, I have a HCF Connexant winmodem. I tried to download and install the matching RPM (i686 2.4.20-20.8) but it wouldn't install.

I had the following rpm error message:
hcfpcimodem: not started exit code 1

There is a diagnostic file generated, it has references to modprobe, and insmod errors. Can anyone explain what those are?

Also, it says to refer to syslog or dmesg, what is that?

Thanks for any assistance. I have sent an email to Linuxant technical support but I don't expect any reply soon.
David Asgeirsson
Valued Contributor

Re: Redhat Linux install on HP4550Z

Here is the diagnostic file. If anyone can make any sense of it.