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Redhat boot problem on DL380

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Jonathan E. Deady
Frequent Advisor

Redhat boot problem on DL380

I've installed Redhat 3.0 on a DL380 ( i forget which gen ). But now when it boots it's stopped at loading grub. "Loading Grub Stage2"
We have been told that we need to use RH3.0U3 because Secure Path only works with kernel 2.4.21-9EL.
Is there an install guide for RH and DL's? And /or what did I mess up or miss during the install?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Redhat boot problem on DL380

Did it ever boot?

If so, what probably happened is that the mirroring is not correct and the boot disk has a problem.

If it never booted after install than the problem is you need to download the DL380 disk preparation cd. boot off of the thing and prepare the disk properly for installation.


Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Jonathan E. Deady
Frequent Advisor

Re: Redhat boot problem on DL380

It has not booted. I'm assuming the 'prep cd' is from HP? I'll look for it.

Esteemed Contributor
Jonathan E. Deady
Frequent Advisor

Re: Redhat boot problem on DL380

It turns out no matter what I did the system always stopped at "Loading Grub Stage 2...". After a few installs and HP support suggesting that /boot, and / need to be the first partitions, I looked at the advanced settings for the "Boot loader".
Son-of-a-Gun!!! We have have this system ( and others ), connected to an EVA5000 via fibre channel. It turns out that for whatever reason RH wanted to put Grub on the the EVA connection. Funny thing is that the EVA was not configured to "present" any disks to this system, the system could only "see" the EVA controllers.
Since the installer never gave me a choice to put Grub locally, un-plugging the HBA's forced the installer to put grub on the local disk.

Arg. After that everthing installed and booted fine.

Thanks for the suggestions and help - the links to the docs and software are nice to have. points assigned.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Redhat boot problem on DL380


one more thing.

Pay attention when you reconnect EVA to see if RH will keep the "address" of the internal disks. To avoid it don't remake a new ramdisk with the HBA module included. If necessary mount the EVA partitions "by hand" after the system has completed de boot process. I have faced a lot of problems because of it until I realized that kind of behavior.