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Regarding installing new network printer on HP-UX

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Kavita Poonia
Regular Advisor

Regarding installing new network printer on HP-UX

Hello there,

I need to install a Network Printer on one of the HP-UX server. I have mentioned below few of the details about the Printer.

Model - HP Laser Jet 8150
Device ID - ITSUSNBP0028
Print Queue - \\JJCUSNBFPS02\JJCUSNBP-GS632HP8150

Please let me know the steps to be followed for installing this.

Thanks & regards,
Kavita Poonia

Re: Regarding installing new network printer on HP-UX

Hi ,

The easiest way is if this network printer is a HP printer with unix capability.

Like in this thread:

Use SAM:

1.sam->printes and plotters -> printes and plotters -> actions ->aAdd Network-Based Printer/Plotter
2. Choose Spooler Administration
3. Add printer to local spooler
4. give the priter ip or name (do the /etc/hosts configuraion for the printer name resolv)
5. choose the model script name from the list if available or choose the 56) To Select dumbplot model script for printer

6.. configure the print queue and etc..

7. lpstat -a ( printer stat)
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Regarding installing new network printer on HP-UX

Printers are very confusing in HP-UX. There are two very different methods to define a printer connected to a LAN. One is to connect the printer to the network with an HP JetDirect LAN card -- that is the only recommended way, and since this is an HP printer, that is likely the connection you have.

The second method is to use another computer as a print server -- not recommended. In HP-UX terminology (most notably, SAM), this is called a remote printer, not a network printer. The above Print Queue information suggests that this is already connected to a Windows system and has been made available to other Windows boxes. There are so many problems with this that it is not recommended to use Remote Printers.

Assuming that this printer is using the HP LAN card, the command to add the printer is simply:

addqueue -h -q myhp8150 -r off -t off -b off

If the printer's model script is not found, download the 8150 script from:

Then use the addqueue command. To see all the printer features: man net_lj8150

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Gokul Chandola
Trusted Contributor

Re: Regarding installing new network printer on HP-UX


#sam is the best option to install this printer.

Through GUI mode you easyly install.

You can use JETADMIN...

Use the following link, usefull to you..
Click on following link to download HP Jetdirect Printer Installer for HP-UX 10.x

Gokul Chandola
There is always some scope for improvment.
Kavita Poonia
Regular Advisor

Re: Regarding installing new network printer on HP-UX

Hello all,

Thanks a lot for your valuable answers. The mentioned threads are also very useful. I need to go through them and learn the concept about Printers.......