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Regarding schema sharing

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Parthiban Dhananjeyan
Occasional Contributor

Regarding schema sharing

Hi all,
I am using Oracle 9i on red hat linux 7.2

I need to know a few info;

I have three users(schemas). I just need all the users to use only one schema(1) for all three users. How do I share the schema1 with the other two? Tables created in schema1 should be reflected for the other two users. Thanks much for the help.

Brian Crabtree
Honored Contributor

Re: Regarding schema sharing

You have a few options for something like this. You can grant select/update/delete privileges against the tables to the users, (or select/update/delete any table system privileges). This will allow them to access the tables. You would need to create public synonyms for each table to allow them to access the tables from a "select * from ".

Also, you could code your application to use an "alter session set current_schema = " which would force them use the schema listed under "username". Most likely, the first option would be the simplest and most error free.

Hope this helps,