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Remove no longer neede device files

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John Dvorchak
Honored Contributor

Remove no longer neede device files

I have a couple of N class servers, HPUX 11.11 and am no longer using some fiber attached tape drives. I want to remove them from the system files first, disconnect the fiber and then at a later date remove the cards. I have run rmsf -H and the hardware path for all drives and ioscan -funC tape no longer shows them. Of course when I run ioscan they all show back up, so I have learned not to do that. My question is there anything else that I need to do to keep from generating any EMS, etc errrors.
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S.K. Chan
Honored Contributor

Re: Remove no longer neede device files

What I would do is turn it of in EMS. I've had a tough time trying to figure out how to actually get EMS to stop bothering me on devices that are gone from the system. This is how I did it (you have to have the latest diagnostics patches for this to work)..
# /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/moncheck
==> View names of instances you want to disable. Take note of the path.
# /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig
==> choose (K)ill monitoring option
# cd /var/stm/data/tools/monitor
# vi disable_instances
==> Add "/storage/events/disks/default/0_4_0_1.1.0" for say if you want to stop path 0/4/0/1.1.0 from being monitored.
==> Run "monconfig" and (E)nable monitoring option and select (C)heck monitors to check if it has been turned off.
That should take care of it.
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Remove no longer neede device files

Had the same issue sending back an end of lease disk array and wrote a script to dd every /dev/dsk device file. Checked the status and listed them. Works.

ls -d /dev/dsk/* > file

cat file | while read a

dd if=/dev/dsk/c.... of=/dev/null count=10

if [ $? != 0 ]
echo $a
# rm $a


Just uncomment out the "..#rm $a ..." and they will all go away.

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John Dvorchak
Honored Contributor

Re: Remove no longer neede device files

S. K. Thank you that is what I was looking for.

M. Frederick, I already removed the files and the system entries with rmsf -H x/x/x/x/ which I believe is the prefered way to remove system/special files. If you man rmsf you'll see that using the -H switch will remove the files and the system entries.

I am not going to be able to work on this until next week so don't think that I am forgetting to assign points, I want to verify the proceedure.
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