Reset of Evo T20 to factory settings

Colin Shorts
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Reset of Evo T20 to factory settings

Hi, I have just bought a second hand Evo T20 and have found that it is still set up to be in a windows domain - user/pass protected!

Is there any way to revert this unit back to a point where I can configure it myself?

I read that you must have administrative rights in order to reflash the unit, so I'm reckoning this might be difficult/impossible to do without taking the unit back to Compaq/HP at great expense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Martin P.J. Zinser
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Re: Reset of Evo T20 to factory settings


depends on what you mean by "revert the unit back".

If you want to install Linux on the system simply pop the installation CD in and override anything on the disk. The only thing you might need to change is the boot order in the Bios before startup.

The same hold if you want to install a new copy of Windows.

If you want to crack the security this is not the right forum, ask in the Windows area at

although I am not exactly sure if people will want to discuss such a request.

Greetings, Martin
Colin Shorts
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Re: Reset of Evo T20 to factory settings

Sorry for not being clearer, I think I may even have posted in the wrong board...

I was looking for a way (I suppose to bypass/circumvent) to get round the password protection, but after a lot more searching I found a document that told me the default uname/pass was "Administrator:Administrator", and luckily enough, it hadn't been changed.

So that's the first problem resolved, now I just need to set it up for my home network.

It's a thin client, so I have the choice of using it as a terminal for my XP Pro machines, or configuring LTSP on my linux box - but I've got a bridging firewall to set up first.

Thanks for yer reply though!