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Restarting fast_start parallel rollback

Nikee Reddy
Regular Advisor

Restarting fast_start parallel rollback

Hello, on HP-UX

SMON: Restarting fast_start parallel rollback

I shut a DB down badly by killing the DB service during a very large transaction. It's been up again for 2hrs but it's still recovering and nothing else will run with any reasonable speed. Lots of IO.

Is there any way of bypassing/shortcutting/stopping the recovery process? I am happy to abandon all work done since the last committed transaction pre-abort.

Also the UNDO tablespace is not releasing the space used by the uncommited blocks. How can I free-up the UNDO tablespace?

Hari Kumar
Trusted Contributor

Re: Restarting fast_start parallel rollback

Hi Nikee

The message means SMON is starting PQ slaves to perform rollback.

The parameter FAST_START_PARALLEL_ROLLBACK determines the maximum number of processes that can exist for performing parallel rollback. This parameter is useful on systems in which some or all of the transactions are long running.

FALSE indicates that parallel rollback is disabled
LOW limits the number of rollback processes to 2 * CPU_COUNT
HIGH limits the number of rollback processes to 4 * CPU_COUNT

LOW is the default setting for the parameter.

may this might help u

With Regards
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Re: Restarting fast_start parallel rollback

Hi Nikee,

Now for the integrity of database you better let oracle perform recovery.
for next time just do shutdown about.

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