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Restore Informix to another Host and another Cell

Martin Robinson_4
Occasional Visitor

Restore Informix to another Host and another Cell

I've searched the forum, honest, but can;t quite see the answer to this question.

We used Data Protector 5 with Informix Integration.

We backed up a database called ddsoc on Host1. We took the tape and imported it into a completely different Omniback cell. (This is the root of the problem). I want to restore this ddsoc onto host2.

Using omnidb -sess I can see the backup. Using omnidb -sess -datalist I can't.

The error from Onmiback is 'Unable to Query Ominback II about /ddsoc/rootdbs/0 The Set probably doesn't exist'.

I think the restore would work if I can get host2 to see the backup session made from host1. It should do, as the tape has been imported.

Other message I get are 'This object has not been backed up', probably meaning is it looking for a backup of rootdbs made from this host (host2), and this is correct, it hasn't.

So how do I persuade host2 to recover the ddsoc backed up on host1?

Sorry this is so long, but short vague questions aren't much use.

Eric Hess

Re: Restore Informix to another Host and another Cell

If you are using another cell and know what tape the backup is on import that tape into the other cell. The other cell needs the Informix intergration installed also.

After the tape is imported you can run your omnidb -session "session ID"

Use -detail instead of -datalist in your command that is not working.

Good Luck
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