Re: Restore an old HP (Compaq) Proliant

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Restore an old HP (Compaq) Proliant

I bough an old Proliant ML370 server (first generation) for my personal use. I search on HP sites and google for some info.

I do a successful install of w2k-srv with Smartstart CD 5.50 just for see what tools are available.

Now I want install definitivly a unix-like OS. I have a preference for a generic distro like debian or FreeBSD. I do a good install with FreeBSD 6.1-Release before w2k-srv, hpasm from work on my server with compat5x.

But I think I gonna have a better result with RHEL or SLES but I dont want to buy a RHEL or SLES licence.

Any documentation, software, tips or help are welcome.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Restore an old HP (Compaq) Proliant


A recompile of Red Hat Source.

The dirty little secret with RedHat is they aren't allowed to sell the OS. They didn't write it. They do everything they can to force you but you need not hand them money.

Centos releases bug fixes 24-48 hours after redhat. Because they aren't trying to shake down their loyal customers for money Centos lets you update systems with yum, which is much easier and more reliable than up2date.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Restore an old HP (Compaq) Proliant

I know CentOS and a great part of all of 400 active Linux/BSD distributions. The probleme with CentOS is that's a old distribution without apache2 and php5.

I know the possibility to compile apache, php and other outside of CentOS package management, but I think better way is recompile HP/Compaq server tools and driver on a generic distribution like debian with a better choice of up-to-date software.

My first point in my OS choice is the availability of Compaq/HP server tools. Second a generic distribution easy to maintain with up-to-date software.

I use debian, FreeBSD and SuSE for 4 years as desktop and as server on desktop machines. This is my first real server machine.
Paul Starr
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Re: Restore an old HP (Compaq) Proliant

Hi ozz,

You should try UBUNTU. I have successfully installed and used this OS on an old Dell 700Mhz, and an Acer pre-2000 clone. Both installations went very well and the OS comes packed with other great software. It's all FREE!
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Re: Restore an old HP (Compaq) Proliant

I use kubuntu LTS 6.06 since the release on a Compaq Deskpro EN 933 mhz. I use and test ubuntu from the begening, Warty Warthog.