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Restrict ODBC Access

Bernd Huber
Occasional Contributor

Restrict ODBC Access

we are having a security concern. We are running HP-UX 11.00 and a progress database version 8.6C with MFGPro as an interface.

We realized today that every user having a unix account can establish an ODBC connection to our database - little desirable.
Now the question came up, how can we allow only selected user to access our databases on a Unix level ?

Thank you very much for all the help in advance !

Victor Geere
Frequent Advisor

Re: Restrict ODBC Access

If nothing else prevents you from doing this, you can authenticate users in the database using their OS credentials. Then set the priveleges in the database for each OS user.

Alternatively issue each database user with a unique database userid and set the priveleges for these at a database level.

You might also want to create a OS group with access to the OS directory where the database is situated and only add the users that have access to the database to prevent anyone from circumventing the database security and doing something really bad.

What type of authentication are you using for the ODBC driver?
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