Riptide Audio Support

Ben Nave
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Riptide Audio Support

Anyone have the audio drivers for the riptide audio card for mandrake linux? please help if you can
Albert E. Whale, CISSP
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Re: Riptide Audio Support


Unfortunately I have to be the messenger here and inform you that there is no RipTide Driver for Linux, that is free anyway. I had to discard my RipTide controller in favor of a 'supportted' Sound Card for Linux (see also:

I am aware of a third party package which is developing a driver for the Riptide devices. You can get information about their product at

Anyway you cut it, the controller you have is not going to work as is. I replaced mine, other people don't. As with everything which goes with Linux, the choice is yours. However, I recommend that support the companies which make their products Linux compatible, Out of the Box.

Hope that Helps!

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