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Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium

Daniel Melo
Occasional Contributor

Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium

Hi to all, someone has recent news of the HP-UX Roadmap on Itanium?

The question is related to the news:

Oracle Stops All Software Development For Intel Itanium Microprocessor

Best regards
Daniel Melo
Occasional Contributor

Re: Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium

I found the following HP News release.

HP Supports Customers Despite Oracleâ s Anti-customer Actions
P Arumugavel
Respected Contributor

Re: Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium

HP reiterated that it will continue the development and innovation of Itanium based Integrity server platforms with its HP-UX operating system using a roadmap that extends more than 10 years.

P Arumugavel
Respected Contributor

Re: Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium

dirk dierickx
Honored Contributor

Re: Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium

hp might be continuing with Itanium, but without the availability of oracle, this will have a huge impact on the platform.

oracle is probably one of the big reasons to still go HPUX/itanium.
Honored Contributor

Re: Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium


Nothing is black and white :)

Some facts to mention (as summarized nicely
by one of HP colleagues (yes I work for HP
but these are my private comments):

HP customers and ongoing deals will not get
affected for many years for the following
reasons (check your Oracle Product
Certification Details):

1. Oracle 11g will have support on Itanium
till January 2018.

2. The Oracle 11g patches will be available
till 2018.

3. The customer who installed the databases
can still continue to run indefinitely even
after 2018 using the Oracle Sustaining

4. Customers do not jump to newer versions of
Oracle easily. There are still customers who
use Oracle 9i.

5. The adoption of Oracle 11g is not as high though the Oracle 11g has been available for
more than two-three years.

6. Remember the past, customers did not move
to Oracle 10g R1 for many years and
continued to use Oracle 9i R2.

7. Oracle 10g Release 1 was a big disappointment.
Customers waited for Oracle 10g R2.

And so on.

Here is an excerpt for Oracle Database

End of Premium Support => 30 Jan 2015
End of Error Correction => 30 Jan 2018
End of Extended Support => 30 Jan 2018
End of Sustaining Support => Indefinite

As you can see, apart from silly ping-pong
games that do not suit anybody, life will
continue to go unabated.

VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic
Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium

Since I came to the US, I am working mainly on HPUX and it is my livelihood. I even worked for HP as a contractor for a couple of years. But, it is impossible to see Oracle's reason coming to this decision.

I am not sure if anybody can tell the contrary to what I see in the high end server market: "People are not buying Itanium servers like they used to buy PA-RISC ones". If the marketplace for Itanium is not going to increase rapidly, why would a software house (a big one at that) plunk money down to develop for that platform, knowing well that they are not going to sell as many licenses as they wish to attain the profit levels they desire. Oracle, like HP, is a for profit company. They are not out to make charitable contributions to other companies, especially not to a total competitor. They are aligning their strategic plan.

If HP did not outsource this chip development to Intel and was able to put a better roadmap for their customers, I don't believe we would be discussing the issue right now. Intel did all but saying they will not put their eggs into ia64 architecture chip development. What do you expect from the end users. Buy HP Integrity servers with an unknown future ? I don't think so.
UNIX because I majored in cryptology...
Trusted Contributor

Re: Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium


HP keeping PARISC would not have helped, all UNIX platforms are being eaten from the bottom by improvements to X64 and linux. Keeping PARISC would have made no difference to this, the reduction unix deployments is across the board.

if the oracle decision had been based on making money which platform shoud they have stopped developing for, sparc or itanium? considering the sparc market is down the toilet.

If I were hp i would:-

1. get the folks in the hp lab working on a database that scales across the converged infrastructure (X64 and itanium) and scales out into the clouds (excluding sparc of course). Maybe even opensource it when done

2. get the folks in the hp lab working on a oracle connector that can used to suck data and data formats out of oracle - smoothly - particularly on Itanium systems.

3. work with enterprisedb (postgresql) particularly in the X64 arena to hit oracle in the pocket (remember sparc is already in the toilet).

4. partner with with ( and other cloud database innovators, plugging it into HPCI.

In the shorterm oracle may cause indecision for customers (by this decision) that will cost hp sales.

In the long term HP has no reason to keep oracle onside now - so can develop equivalent software prodcts (db and apps) or to partner with other database/apps innovators (and even opensource them) and plug them into itanium/HP-UX

Re: Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium

If I were to buy a new server to host a new DB, why should I buy an HP-UX Integrity based system? How HP will be addressing this? Im very concerned about this
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Roadmap HP-UX - Itanium

Why Itanium? Because it's better than the alternative: Sun/Solaris and x386/Linux.