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Rollback generate rate (Oracle)

Vince Laurent
Respected Contributor

Rollback generate rate (Oracle)

We are running Oracle on HP-UX 11.0. We have jsut installed the ITO Oracle Plug-in and now I am seeing a lot of alarms relating to 'Rollback generation rate'. The default is 50/min. Sometimes our systems go MUCH higher than that... how does one bench mark what might be 'normal' without setting the alarm too high? Also, what can I do about the alarm short of shutting it off? (We are an SAP shop).
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Re: Rollback generate rate (Oracle)

hi vince,

In you case, it will be recommendable to create an iTar on metalink when they can provide the desired support for this specific problem.

Otherwise, you may consider troubleshooting yourself by generating, as first attempt, a Statspack report.

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