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Running Oracle 7.3.4 + Oracle 8i?

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Dave Chamberlin
Trusted Contributor

Running Oracle 7.3.4 + Oracle 8i?

We are currently running Oracle 7.3.4 on a k200 w512M RAM, under 10.2 . We want to start testing 8i stuff but also keep our current 7.3.4 database. I will be running hpux 11.0 32-bit. The question is, can I have these two versions of Oracle on the same box? Will there be any serious issues? Any advice or help appreciated.

Re: Running Oracle 7.3.4 + Oracle 8i?

It is possible to run both oracle 7.3.4 and oracle 8i on the same server, but you will have to upgrade your machine to HPUX 11, then upgrade your oracle database to the version of 7.3.4 for HPUX 11.

Also, my experience with oracle 8i tells me that your server will need more memory at least before it will be adequate for running an 8i database, let alone for running both. My suggestion would be to size a seperate machine for the 8i database, probably an Lclass server.

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