Running a DOS program

Roger Barrows
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Running a DOS program

Iam trying to run a DOS program using WIN XP Pro and an HP 3650 deskjet printer.

I chatted with HP on April 30 and was e mailed step by step instructions. I came to a point where a window appeared that was not mentioned in the e mailed instructions.

I just chatted with HP and was told they could not help me.

Is there a number for live phone support, or am I dreaming?


Bryan Eley
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Re: Running a DOS program


By chatting do you mean you've already called them?

Did you use these numbers?
HP warranty support: 1-800-474-6836
HP contract support: 1-800-633-3600

There is also the "HP Live...web-based support tool that enables you to interact with an HP support specialist"

How does HP Live work?
You request an HP Live support session by submitting an HP Live "caller connect" form. A support specialist will connect to your desktop via the web and contact you by either web chat or phone.

"You and the support specialist can share views of each other's web browser. This interactive session enables visual references to the ITRC web site, key documents, or shared data and knowledge."

Thomas Bianco
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Re: Running a DOS program

i wonder how this ended up in the linux forum.

regardless: if your trying to PRINT from a dos program, you'll have to set up the printer to overload a dos port. the easiest way to do this is with the SMB printer sharing:

first, go to start | settings | printers and faxes. right click the printer you wish to use and choose properties. on the sharing tab, choose "share this printer" and type in a dos compatible name (less then 8 characters, no spaces). click ok as many times as are needed to return to the desktop.

next, open a command prompt and type the following command:

net use lpt1 \\\ /persistent:yes

where is the name of your computer, and is the dos printer share name you chose above.

then run your program and tell it to print to LPT1.
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Re: Running a DOS program

3 questions:

1) how old is this DOS program? If it is sufficiently old enough, it may only be able to output to Epson FX-85 or HP Laserjet 4 emultation.

2) How is your printer set up right now? When you set it up, was there a prompt for DOS program support (I kinda doubt it, since I haven't seen that since the Win95/Novell Client days)

3) Can you post a copy of the PIF file that starts the program?

Finally: MODs -- please move this to the WinXP forum. Thanks!