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Running three OS's ???

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Brian Hartley
Occasional Contributor

Running three OS's ???

I have a HP Pavillion 8770c. I am currently running Windows 2000 and windows 98 se. My windows 98 is on partition C:/, and windows 2000 is on Partition D:/.
I have my partition E:/ as 20 gigs and Partition f:/ as another 20 gig. I was wondering if there was anyway to Load linux onto partition E:/ or F:/ and still keep both Windows ? ? ? Is there any way to update the boot record for it once linux is loaded ? If anyone could help me that would be great. or email me @
Thnaks Brian
Paulo A G Fessel
Trusted Contributor

Re: Running three OS's ???

Surely you can do this.

I would create an extended partition on /dev/hda3 (which you call "E:\") and then inside this extended partition create root, swap and other filesystems if you want to (/usr, /home, /var...).

I don't know what distribution you're planning to use, but AFAIK Mandrake and Redhat will do things exactly the way I described to you.

After the installation, you will then use Lilo (it's simpler) to boot all O.S's. You can also use a dedicated bootloader called XOSL ( to choose which O.S. to boot. XOSL has a very nice interface, I think you'll prefer it over Lilo.

Good Luck!

Paulo Fessel
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Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Running three OS's ???

Hi there.
The way to go is described in the answer before. IMHO i would go for grub as boot manager.
Alexander M. Ermes
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Santosh Nair_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Running three OS's ???

This is definitely doable. I am currently running Window NT, Windows 2000 and Linux on the same machine (different partitions of course). Also, there are lots of howtos on how to set up dual/triple/multi-boot machines.

Hope this helps.

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Marco Paganini
Respected Contributor

Re: Running three OS's ???

Hello Brian.

One sidenote: Try GRUB as the bootloader. It's nice and easy. RedHat 7.2 for instance configures it nicely for you.

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Brian Hartley
Occasional Contributor

Re: Running three OS's ???

Is there anyway someone can kinda walk me through the install process for linux. I need like a list of all the programs and tools needed to completly install everything.
With the Xosl boot manager can i install that on the E:/ drive with linux ? Or should I split the E:/ drive into two ? Or can I install it with windows 98. I really want to get this done and have the least complications as possible. Also what version of linux would you recommend for a "newbie" ?
Red hat, Mandrake, or ? ? Im Pretty good with windows and everything but am kinda hesitant to install it without knowing everything. So if anyone could help me with a list of everything needed for this, I would greatly appreciate it. Also Has any one had problems finding drivers for there HP 8770c ? ? Like sound card, modem, ethernet card, and video card. I have a Ati all in wonder 32 mb I was thinking of putting in, so i also need to know if they have a linux driver for that. Thanks Everyone for your responses.
Or you can E mail me with everything at