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SAM keyboard problems 9000/800/rp3410 B.11.23

Paul Nicholls
Occasional Visitor

SAM keyboard problems 9000/800/rp3410 B.11.23

I cant seem to navigate SAM, keyboard arrow keys dont work, hence,im unable to scroll up or down. Terminal type is a vt100 connecting via telnet. Can any one help..

Honored Contributor

Re: SAM keyboard problems 9000/800/rp3410 B.11.23

what emulator, if any are you running.

VT100 may not support arrows, I don't recall any longer.

If telnet'ing from windows command prompt, TERM=ansi should work.
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: SAM keyboard problems 9000/800/rp3410 B.11.23


set terminal type to hp before starting sam.

login to server

#export TERM

then start sam

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: SAM keyboard problems 9000/800/rp3410 B.11.23

> TERM=ansi

> #TERM=hp
> #export TERM

Please don't set TERM manually. HP-UX, like most UNIX flavors, requires a match between the dozens of terminal emulators and the libraries such as Curses that depend on these features. There are 3 major (and completely incompatible) terminal emulation designs, namely Wyse, DEC and HP. In the world of emulators, there are dozens of (poor) emulations of a 'real' VT100. There two excellent HP emulators (Reflection/HP and QCTerm) which are ideal for running HP menus such as swinstall and SAM, or looking at Glance screens and navigating with the full size function keys.

Hyperterminal, SecureCRT, Putty, etc all claim vt100 compatibility but some emulators have hundreds of lines of memory or programmable functions keys (and vt100 does not). So remove all hardcoded TERM= (as well as COLUMNS and LINES) in profiles and add this one line to /etc/profile:

eval $(ttytype -sa)

To see what ttytype does, type the command:

# ttytype-sa
TERM='70092'; export TERM;
LINES=48; export LINES;
COLUMNS=132; export COLUMNS;
ERASE='^H'; export ERASE;

As you can see, the terminal was autopmatically identified using special escape sequences. (man ttytype)

Now for arrow keys. There are no arrow keys (or HOME, END, PAGE UP, etc) in ASCII -- these are artifacts from GUI devices. However, BASH and other shells make special provision to understand the 2-letter sequence sent out by those keys. Read the BASH docs on how to change command line recall and enable the arrow keys.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin