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SAN data migration using 2 available HBA cards


SAN data migration using 2 available HBA cards

Current server rp4xxx connected to McData San via FC switch. Have dual failover via Tachyon XL2 HBA cards. EMC powerpath running.

Going to migrate all data on this SAN to a new EMC SYmmetrix San using existing 2 HBA cards.

PLan is to pull one of the HBA connections at the server end and replace with new connection from the new SAN. This has been configure - WWN Port number of existing HBA card used and the cable is ready to plug in.

My question is can this be done online or is it best to shut down the server ?

My way is to do it online and then issue the appropriate powermt commands such as check, config , save

Is this the way to do it ?

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Re: SAN data migration using 2 available HBA cards

Yes, it can be done the way you're planning. Just make sure that all SAN disks do have multiple paths associated with them, before yanking the fiber.

In fact - back when you installed the dual HBAs and the EMC powerpath software, you (or someone at your site) *should* have tested the effects of pulling one connection.