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SAP Database Reorg's & Archiving

Khurram Khan_2
Occasional Advisor

SAP Database Reorg's & Archiving


I would really appreciate it if someone could advise on any of the following:

1. A Archving strategy currently being used.
2. Reorg strategy currently being used and in which SAP/OS & DB version
3. I understand a tablespace can be Reorg'd online in Oracle version 9, can anyone confirm this and mention the OSS note or url.
4. After archiving and deletions how can the reorgs be done when you only have a very short maintenance window, as the reorgs on indices is necessary after the deletions from the archiving run's.

Any recommendations, advise relating to DB, Tablespace, and table reorgs would ve very much welcomed, thanks in adavance.

Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: SAP Database Reorg's & Archiving

Don't know if this helps...but...

SAP Enterprise 4.7, Oracle 9.2, HP-UX 11i, Netbackup 4.5

Our SAP DB server archives every hour to tape, then we duplicate the tape - then if both successful, delete the archive log from disk.

The DBA's Reorg once a month during our Sat Night Maintenance window. I don't know much about it - whether they do it online or not...DB is 1.2 TB.


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Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: SAP Database Reorg's & Archiving


well sapdba is capable of using the dbms.... packages from Version 6.20 patch level 113+.
Can be read in the releasenotes of sapdba (info-link of sapdba in SAP-Net patches area).

I did not test if it really works yet,
I only checked the scripts it created and they look sound to me.

It is also able to create scripts with
Already used this on a non frequented index and worked.

As 4. is concerned: You do not need to do all indexes at once. You can do one every week if you have plentey of them. It is absolutely not time-critical, to do them right after the archiving-delete-run.

Hope this helps
Sanjay Kumar Suri
Honored Contributor

Re: SAP Database Reorg's & Archiving


1. Archiving/Database reorgnization is a IT/business decision based on various factors.

2. As of Oracle 9I, Oracle also allows you to reorganize the tables online. Refer SAP note 541538.

3. There are other notes as well which will be quite useful. Search


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