SAP on Linux

Krishna Prasad
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SAP on Linux

I am going to try a couple of test servers running SAP 4.6C application servers.

I want to try this with the hardware I have available - intel 32bit and in the future a 64bit

Does anyone know if SAP has a recommended distro for 32bit or 64bit Linux?
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John de Villiers
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Re: SAP on Linux

There is a 32bit version 4.6C for oracle and DB2. If youre a sap customer you can probably order the CD's from them ( or download from ).

Sap note 171356 describes the distro's needed.
and i quote

Linux distribution
One of the following Linux distributions is required for installing SAP
software on Linux:
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 (SLES7)
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 (SLES8)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 (RHEL2.1)

Up to and including SAP Release 4.6x, the following Linux distributions
are also available:
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
Red Hat 7.1 (limited release, see note 513277)
Red Hat 6.2
Red Hat 6.1 Enterprise Version 1.0 (special version of Red Hat 6.1)

Charles Holland
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Re: SAP on Linux

We are, and have been since November of last year, running our SAP solution manager (4.6c) on an installation of SuSE (SLES7). On this is also an Informix DB. No major problems, installation was, interestingly enough, was much faster then when we installed on HP-UX.
After HW configuration we put in the DB and instance in one day.
SAP has recomendations for HW. We chose a Compaq ML530 w/2 2.4GHz and 2GB memory.
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