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SAP sizing

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SAP sizing

I have do a SAP sizing,can anybody supply how many SAPS with HP8640,thanks!
Patrick Wallek
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Re: SAP sizing

I assume you mean an RX8640?

This is going to depend on MANY MANY things that aren't listed here.

How large of a DB?
How many users?
How many instances?

How much disk space?
How much RAM?
How many CPUs?
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: SAP sizing

[What is that attachment? ]

Why not ASK the HP / SAP Competency centre?
They live for such questions
Google: +sap +alliance [I feel lucky]

YOU can figure out some approximate numbers by looking at the published benchmark results for example in the speadsheet:

The latest HPUX result published is for a 2 proc, 4 core BL860 with 1165 users = 5850 saps.

And from 2006 there is the 30,000 user, 152530 saps 64 procs, 128 core Superdome result.

The 8640 is somewhere between them :-)