SCSI Adapter LSI20320-HP Suse Email server 3

Alejandro Aleman
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SCSI Adapter LSI20320-HP Suse Email server 3

hello, please HELP ME!

i need to load the module on the installation of suse email server 3 but after i follow your steps it does not recognize the module.

I have transfered the image floppy to the phisical floppy, and it does not do anythig, the installation says a message like 'there are not hard drives to install' and automatically sendsme to a text installation when i also tryed to load the modules but it says:

Cannot find the image!
Check the directory specification!


i have tryed to move the .o files to the root of the diskete and it does not work too.

please how can i install the scsi card! how! the procedure in the readme wich is included in the big driver download correspondent to my linux version does not worked!

thanks in advance and i hope you could help me.

the kernel is:


for a note, this is a new install so i need to load the modules of the scsi card in order to linux recognize the hard drive.

thanks a lot