SCSI and IDE Disk

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SCSI and IDE Disk

Hi... I have a linux box running linux 2.2.17 with a SCSI disk. Now, I want to add another disk, but this disk is IDE. When I put the IDE disk, the boot is done by the IDE disk, but the disk doesn't have boot/lilo. How can I boot from the SCSI disk?
After this, How can I format the IDE disk to ext2 partion?


Bernd Reize
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Re: SCSI and IDE Disk

Hi Leandro,

wich disk is used to boot is BIOS desicsion. Normally there should be a setting in your BIOS in wich order it should boot.
Another way is to boot your installed linux via cdrom/floppy and then installing lilo on the ide disk, too.

To make a filesystem on the ide disk issue the following commands:
$ fdisk /dev/hda (hda= primary master ide disk)

then create at least one partition on the disk if there isn't already one.

$ mkfs -t ext2 /dev/hda1

this command will create the filesystem for partition 1. after that, you can mount it:
$ mount /dev/hda1 /myidedisk-mountpoint

Bill Thorsteinson
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Re: SCSI and IDE Disk

If you can't get the BIOS to boot first from the SCSI disk,
then you may be able to get the LILO master boot loader
to boot from the SCSI. Change the boot parameter to
in /etc/lilo.conf. Then run lilo again.

In the mean time you can you use a resue disk or a
boot disk to boot from your SCSI disk.