SD-UX for Linux?

Erik Heckers

SD-UX for Linux?


I work with SD-UX and really like all the control
scripts you can run during installation time of
a package.
The popular rpm may be nice to create packages,
but it can't compete by far with SD-UX when it
comes to installation time features.

I would really like to see a SD-UX version for Linux.

Does anyone know if HP is porting some HP-UX
tools (incl. SD-UX) to Linux?

Bye Erik

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Tim Malnati
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Re: SD-UX for Linux?

I agree that SD has many features that rpm does not and would certainly be nice to have for Linux, but I don't imagine you will see it for Linux any time soon (if ever). There are all sorts of reasons for this but I would suspect the overriding issue for HP is security. SD is controlling purchase codewords for optional products and I doubt that HP will ever make the source available.
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Re: SD-UX for Linux?

Surely they could release a binary version? Or perhaps a dumbed down version where codewords don't make a difference so that it just works as a package installation tool?? Our site is investigating SD-UX as a deployment tool for internally written software, but we can't because SD-UX only runs on HP-UX, we need a tool that runs on HP-UX and linux.

I'm not a big fan of rpm's, but at least they are cross platform compatible.

Perhaps the Debian package management tool could work for HP-UX? The debian tool (*.deb) seems the most similar to SD-UX, and is open-source, so it may not be too difficult to port to HP-UX. What do you think??

- Andy Gray