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SGA Oracle limitation

SGA Oracle limitation


Due to limitations in the size of the SGA on 32-bit Oracle platforms, we have decided to change to a 64-bit platform. My question is: What OS allow us to define a SGA bigger than 4Gb? (weâ re using an Oracle RAC 9.2).

In particular, we're thinking in Linux RHEL or SuSE on a Itanium2 . That would be right?

Joseph Loo
Honored Contributor

Re: SGA Oracle limitation


SGA is dependent on the memory or swap size u have given for the server and not really platform dependent based on current technology.

since the SGA is more than 4GB, i would recommend that the memory be more than 6GB if this database instance is the only application house in the server. besides that, the kernel parameters must be configure accordingly.

there r more on this topic in Oracle Metalink. Do u have any access to it?

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Sanjay Kumar Suri
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Re: SGA Oracle limitation

Check this thread as well:

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Re: SGA Oracle limitation


Shared memory defines the SGA
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