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SHMMIN Parameter

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Arockia Jegan
Trusted Contributor

SHMMIN Parameter

I'm going to install oracle 8.1.7 on HP-UX 11.11 . Do i need to setup the SHMMIN parameter to install the Oracle?. I couldn't see that parameter in HP-UX 11.11
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: SHMMIN Parameter

HP-UX has no SHMMIN kernel parameter. HP-UX only has SHMMAX.

Check out the HP-UX 11.11 Tunable Kernel Parameters manual here:
S.K. Chan
Honored Contributor

Re: SHMMIN Parameter

SHMMIN is not a configurable parameter in HP-UX. However its default value for this is defined in /usr/conf/space.h.d/core-hpux.h and I believe it's 1.
Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: SHMMIN Parameter


I assume that you are not talking about SHMMNI here. If you are asking about SHMMNI, then you can set the value with SAM.

If you are asking about the SHMMIN ( Minimum size of a single shared memory segment ), which is described in the Oracle document, then this paramter is not defined/configurable in HP-UX. It is only available in Sun Solaris. You need to worry about only the SHMMAX paramter in HP-UX.

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Dennis J Robinson
Frequent Advisor

Re: SHMMIN Parameter


There is no SHMMIN parameter under HP-UX or any other UNIX for that matter, unless coders had typo.

You have:

SHMMAX - Maximum size of a single shared memory segment.

SHMMNI - Number of shared memory identifiers system wide.

SHMSEG - Number of shared memory segments a single PID can attach to.

I hope this was of help.

Dennis J Robinson
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