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SMH shows dormant CPU HP UX 11.31

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David P Lavoie
Frequent Advisor

SMH shows dormant CPU HP UX 11.31

Hello all,

I noticed that smh is showing dormant CPUs on our integrity rx6600 server running 11.31. I found a thread already opened on that issue that was talking about hyperthreading but it's already turned on.

I also noticed that smh is showing twice the number of actual cpus that ioscan is showing (8 vs 16). I got 4 dual core cpu installed in the server.

I think it might be a cim/wbem/cpuprovider setting that needs to be changed somewhere. Any idea/comment/suggestion?
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: SMH shows dormant CPU HP UX 11.31


All sounds feasable to me

you may have the server fully populated, just not all activated cpu's.

the dormant cpu's are present and can be added by buying the realevant lic from HP

ioscan will only show the ones in use, configured, where as SMH will show all cpu's enabled and not enabled

It all depends upon how the system was bought

an exert about pay per use
Utility Pricing Solutions from HPâ Instant Capacity , Temporary Instant Capacity, and Pay-per-use (PPU)â that enable dormant processors and memory to be dynamically activated and paid for as required


Standard Instant Capacity: With the standard Instant Capacity program, you can deploy a server fully loaded with CPUs but pay only for the processors you plan to use on day one. When needed, the dormant processors can be activated instantly with a simple UNIX command. This is a real benefit in the case of new projects where systems are sized based on a future, anticipated transaction volume. In addition, if a CPU failure is detected, high availability is provided by the automatic activation of an Instant Capacity processor and the shutdown of the defective processor. Because the total number of active processors does not change in this case, there is no cost associated with this transaction.


just search the link for dormant

Hakki Aydin Ucar
Honored Contributor

Re: SMH shows dormant CPU HP UX 11.31

I do not remember any problem in my lab server but its OS 11iv1, totally different. .

Maybe you can check for a patch or some enhancement for this problem , check this link:
David P Lavoie
Frequent Advisor

Re: SMH shows dormant CPU HP UX 11.31

Thanks for all suggestions, all keep it open in case someone got something else. Will look at both answer soon. This is not an urgent problem that needs to be fixed...
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: SMH shows dormant CPU HP UX 11.31


Instant Capacity is an optional product, you don't have to use it.

This class of system is supposed to be shipped with all CPU's active, licensed and ready to go.

We're not talking about a superdome with 128 CPU's where there is significant money to be saved on licensing by not having them active.

The original ioscan results are skewed because Core's residing on the same CPU do not show up as individual items on ioscan.

top should if all is correct show 8 CPU's on the system.

I'd also recommend being current on patching and removing instant capacity on demand if you are not using it.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
David P Lavoie
Frequent Advisor

Re: SMH shows dormant CPU HP UX 11.31

Thanks Steven,

You got a point there. iCOD is installed on the system since a VSE license was bought for it but we don't use it.

if I do swlist -l product | grep iCOD, it does show but I'm not able to see it in the swremove TUI list. Is it part of another bundle? How can we find that?
David P Lavoie
Frequent Advisor

Re: SMH shows dormant CPU HP UX 11.31

Opened a call with HP about this issue. Turns out that a tunable wasn't set properly for hyperthreading to work.

kctune lcpu_attr=1

Please note that setting him your system with that setting can performance problem with some application. If it's the case, might as well disable hyperthreading through setboot command

HP should release documentation about this shortly.
David P Lavoie
Frequent Advisor

Re: SMH shows dormant CPU HP UX 11.31

See above