SNAT and DNAT in Linux

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SNAT and DNAT in Linux

Hi Everybody

Can some body explain what exactly is SNAT and DNAT preferably with an example for better understanding.....

I know in destination NAT or DNAT address translation occurs before routing...and in source NAT or SNAT address translation occurs after routing.

I need an example on it to clear this concept....

Also any site which clearly explains abt this concept with an example wud b gr8

Thank you in advance for your correct responses....

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Re: SNAT and DNAT in Linux


let me try....!!!

snat - source nat

that is u r nating the source internat the router will forward public ip only. if you are having a network say to ,this is private ip suppose u want to go to internet. then with this ip u will not be able to communicate the servers in the net. so one thing u can do is u can change the private ip to public ip. this is doing by all proxy and nat services.

and in dnat . destination nat .. here u r nating the destination . this can be implemented if u want load balancing and for some security purpose. and lot of deocuments available in net