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SQL*Menu 5 SQL*Forms 3

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SQL*Menu 5 SQL*Forms 3

We are running Oracle 7.3.4 on HP UX 10.2.(We know it is not supported-but have no option to upgrade at present) We are upgrading our server and will be installing Oracle 7.3.4 Enterprise edition on the new server. I read on the Oracle Installation guide that SQL*Menu 5 and SQL*Forms 3.0 is not avalilable on the 7.3.4 Installation(They said it is avalilable on 7.2- we have got the CD for that)
COuld you confirm if SQL*MEnu 5 .(SQL*Menu Version 5.0.11) and SQL*Forms 3.0 (SQL*Forms version 3.0.16)is available or not on the Oracle7.3.4 CD. If not , how do I install these two from the Oracle 7.2 CD- (Since I need to install Oracle 7.3.4) . Or can I just copy the relevant directories from the old server to the new server. If i do that will I have to relink executables after copying ? Many thanks in anticipation
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Re: SQL*Menu 5 SQL*Forms 3


i don't know well for 7.3.4 cd contents. but if your hardware and OS are the same, you may wish to copy the whole installation and run it as it is.

Preferrably reinstall on a different $ORACLE_HOME.

Then, you can export and import the objects pertaining to Menu50 and Forms30 in the "new" database.

hope this helps too!

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Re: SQL*Menu 5 SQL*Forms 3

The easy way to do this is to copy everything to the new server: the database files; the RDBMS files and all the OS oracle user environment ($ORACLE_BASE): this will copy Oracle technology witch includes Forms, Reports, Menus and Graphics.

After that you must configure all *.env, *.ora and *.sh on the new server files copied from the old one. Do as oracle user:

$ cd ..
$ find oracle -name *.env
$ ... Configure the environment files ...
$ find oracle -name *.ora
$ ... Configure the network files (tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files) ...
$ find oracle -name *.sh
$ ... Configure the script files ...
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Re: SQL*Menu 5 SQL*Forms 3

No SQL*Menu or Forms3 on 7.3.4. nor 7.3.3 CDs
Last version Im sure is 7.2.3.
Not so sure about 7.3.2, maybe...

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