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SQUID Software

Kenn Chen

SQUID Software

Currently, I've installed and configure SQUID software (blocking access) in one PC. Ive changed the /etc/squid.conf file. How could I test the whether squid is working or not ? Please explain in details.
Cyber Zen
Vincente Fernandes
Valued Contributor

Re: SQUID Software

Has man pages of squid been installed? Do man squid to find more details or type squid -help at command prompt. Hope that helps.
Jerome Fenal_1
Valued Contributor

Re: SQUID Software


Try to telnet to squid port (3128 if you didn't change it), and type :

You should get the HTML source of the desired page.


Bienvenue chez moi
Respected Contributor

Re: SQUID Software

You can test with :
telnet squid_machine_host_name 3128
(3128 is the default listenning port for SQUID)

If you can connect type an http command like
If your squid configuration is good you will
see the HTML source code.

If the first test works well, another way to
test is to configure a browser to use your
proxy (see Netscape or IE documentation.)
With your browser test ftp and http access. You
can also try to connect an unknown host :
squid have to reply with an error message.