Re: SQUID - no logginf for some users

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Mauro Gatti
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SQUID - no logginf for some users

It is possible disable logging for some users?

Thank You
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Stuart Browne
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Re: SQUID - no logginf for some users

Not that I'm aware of.

The directives for Squid do not have any conditional (or ACL based) logging abilities.

Why would you NOT want to log? I fail to see a decent reason fo this.

Maybe we can come up with something to better suit your needs, if we knew what they were.
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Mauro Gatti
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Re: SQUID - no logginf for some users

some "special" user ask to protect their privacy without renounce to advantage of caching...
Do you know any possible way to do this?
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benoit Bruckert
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Re: SQUID - no logginf for some users

I didn't see any directives in squid.conf file to not log in the access file some users.
What you can do is :
no logging for everybody !(file=/dev/null)
Or if you want to spend some times :
edit the source file :
Make your change in the function :
accessLogCommon or the one you have define in conf file...
You can try an strcmp on the pointer "client" which seems to contains the ip address of the workstation, and disable the buffer write in case it's the ip address of your special user !

of course this solution is hard coded but should work ! May be a request to the squid dev team could be another solution ??
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