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SSL Certificate expiry

Fauziah Mahdan
Super Advisor

SSL Certificate expiry

Hi all,

Need advice
From penetration report mention that my hpux 11.31 server ssl cert is expired.
When I check with the app vendor (it is a db server) the app did not use ssl and https.
So how can the peneytation detect this ssl cert expired? How to disable this?
Honored Contributor

Re: SSL Certificate expiry

HP-UX 11.31 has a built-in Web management utility: the System Management Homepage (SMH). It uses SSL/https in port 2381. This is probably what the "penetration report" refers to.

Normally SMH auto-generates a self-signed SSL certificate when the OS is installed. This will eventually expire.

The simplest way to refresh SMH's default SSL certificate is to run:

swconfig -x reconfigure=true SysMgmtHomepage

This will produce a new self-signed SSL certificate for SMH.

If you want to use a certificate issued by a Certificate Authority (e.g. if your organization has a private SSL CA that is automatically recognized by your organization's systems), you should use SMH's certificate configuration functions instead of the above command line to refresh the certificate.

For more information about using CA-issued certificates with SMH, see HP System Management Homepage User's Guide:

See pages 36-37.

Fauziah Mahdan
Super Advisor

Re: SSL Certificate expiry

The server is behind firewall and it is db server. I will purchase valid cert for my web server at DMZ zone but not for this db server.
There ie one interface for my dba to access their oracle enterprise Manager module to perform db maintenance. No P&C info being transfered and it is in private vlan.