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SUSE Cluster


Some one have information about the suse clustering with oracle 10g.
In try install that in 2 DL380
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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: SUSE Cluster

What you need is oracle specific information about how to install Oracle Real Application Cluster. Check the Oracle page. Does not matter the Linux distro.
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Steven E. Protter
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Oracle 10g RAC has its own cluster system.

What are you trying to accomplish?

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Armin Kunaschik
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Re: SUSE Cluster

Compared to MC/Serviceguard, Veritas Cluster Suite or HACMP the cluster software Hearbeat 2 delivered with SLES is crap (from my opinion).

- If you want to have more than on resource group, you need a calculator for nearly every configuration step. Everyting works with weigths, dependencies are realized like that.

- Configuration is done through an XML file (which doesn't need to bad by default), but configuration and status information are mixed in this single file. So you're not able to restore any configuration backup made from a former stable state.

- The most anoying thing (from my opinion) is, you don't see any information in the logfile WHY a takeover done by the cluster. If you add more logging, you see huge amounts of output and sometimes a "pseudoaction 37" but no human readable output. Having no real readable output, monitoring of such cluster is very hard to implement.

- I think Linux is not yet ready for HA solutions, because if you want to have basic features like SAN multipathing, disk mirroring and the ability to change these at runtime, you'll find out, that certain thing are not possible without a cluster downtime.

Even it is version 2 I would say it's 0.2.
Try it out, it's free of charge, but I would currently not recommend it for mission critical applications.

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