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Samba (CIFS) Upgrade

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Samba (CIFS) Upgrade

Hi all,

I have samba 2.2.3a installed & configured in my Production servers.
I need to ugrade Samba to the latest version
available. I got the software.

Any precausions to be taken before I upgrate to the latest one?

Will all the configurations be intact?

Can any body give me the steps to be followed?


Sachin Patel
Honored Contributor

Re: Samba (CIFS) Upgrade

Nothing much just make sure you have your smb.conf file saved.

Install new cifs and then put smb.conf file in place and start the samba.

New cifs put everything in /opt/samba

To start samba
to stop

Vi the startup script if you want any log file addedd or your smb.comf file location is different.


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Re: Samba (CIFS) Upgrade

Take backup of your smb.conf file, Install samba then use the same smb.conf file to configure shared directories.
I upgraded from open source samba to CIFS (Hp's Samba) and just copied over smb.conf file in appropriate place.

Good Luck..
Martha Mueller
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Re: Samba (CIFS) Upgrade

When we upgraded samba from an old version to a current version, we hit the kernel parm limit on nfile:
NOTE: Previous CIFS Server versions used 8 files for internal use.

CIFS/9000 Server, version A.01.08, utilizes system resources differently
from previous versions. The following HP-UX kernel parameters must be
adjusted accordingly:
??? NFILES - total number of open files per system
Each smbd process will initially open 23 files for internal use.
However, clients will open more files during a session. Therefore, as a
minimum, the number of nfiles should be:
nfiles = (23 + max_client_files) * max_connected_clients
Darren Prior
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Re: Samba (CIFS) Upgrade


It's always wise to make a copy of /etc/opt/samba/smb.conf and the /var/opt/samba/private/smbpasswd (if you use it) before upgrading. However I've recently upgraded a number of servers to CIFS A.01.09.04 due to the recent security alerts, and each time these files were not overwritten.

If you don't manually stop CIFS before upgrading then swinstall will show some warnings in the analysis phase - but will shut down CIFS. Remember to start CIFS again after the upgrade.


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