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Secure Path V3.0 on RH Linux AS 2.1

Secure Path V3.0 on RH Linux AS 2.1

Good day All,
I am havng a problem getting Secure Path V 3.0 to run on RH Linux AS 2.1
My current configuration is :
OS version: Red Hat Linux Advanced Server v2.1
Kernel version: 2.4.9-e.12smp
Software version of Secure Path: 3.0
Hardware: ML380 G3

spmgr display -a, returns the following:
Error: Could not transfer data with agent.

spagent is running.

The /var/log/sp_log does not inidicate anything untoward.

I have also noted that the Install and Reference Guide mentions that network services must be running in order for spmgr to communicate with spagent. I can telnet to the box. Does anyone know what aspects of 'network services' must be running?
Kevin Joubert
Occasional Advisor

Re: Secure Path V3.0 on RH Linux AS 2.1

1. Make sure that Secure Path is actually running. Are the modules "hsx_mod", "swsp_mod", and "path_mod" loaded? Is the HBA driver (qla2300) loaded?

2. Make sure you have a LUN presented from your SAN device to the Linux host. What type of SAN device (ie. MSA1000, EVA5000, etc) are you using?