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Send Mail Between UNIX Users ?

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Send Mail Between UNIX Users ?

Hi All,


i want to know how i can send mail between users in different hp-ux servers ?, like below example if i want to send mail from user1 in server1 to user2 in server2. i already configured the sendmail on both server and i can send mail from servers to our domain users but i don't know how to send mail between users in hpux servers.



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Re: Send Mail Between UNIX Users ?

If your servers are both registered to DNS, then theoretically you should be able to "just do it", i.e. if your DNS domain name is, then user1 on server1 could address his/her email to, and the mail would automatically end up to /var/mail/user2 on server2.


In practice, if your sendmail on server1 is configured to use the company primary email server as its smarthost (a common configuration today), server1 will first send the email to the company primary email server, and what happens next will depend on that server.


If smarthost is not configured (i.e. sendmail is in HP-UX factory default configuration), then sendmail on server1 will look up in the DNS. It will then attempt to connect to on port 25 (or another server if a DNS MX record for indicates another server should be handling server2's incoming mail).


Note: sendmail really wants to use DNS, so having the hostnames & IP addresses in /etc/hosts is not necessarily enough.