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Sending a Page by E-mail

Cindy Brandt
Occasional Visitor

Sending a Page by E-mail

In order to send a page by e-mail I click "File" then "Send" and then "Page by
E-mail". At this point I used to get an Outlook Express page where I would
enter the address of the person I was sending the page to plus any other
information I wanted to include, and then I would click "send". I no longer get
that page. I get nothing. I have tried using my "Mail" tab and "Send Page" but
I get the same thing......nothing. Can anyone help me??? I thank you in advance
for you time. Cindy
Anthony Goonetilleke_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Sending a Page by E-mail

I presume you are using IE ?
If you are make sure that you have your mail program defined.
Go to Tools/Internet Options/programs
now click on the drop down list and choose your email program i.e outlook.
David Velazquez
Occasional Visitor

Re: Sending a Page by E-mail

Hi, My name is David

I suggest the following

1.- Saving the page in HTML format. On your browser, select FILE/SAVE AS and
choice HTML FORMAT on SAVE AS OPTCION. Save the page on your hard disk.

2.- If the page have images, save the images on the same directory: righ button
on the image and select save as.

3.- when you send the e-mail,you must attach the html file and the images file.
In order to open the attached files, indicate what is the file name of the main

4.- Other way is change the format of your mail: TOOLS/OPTIONS/MAIL FORMAT/ and
change the format option by HTML. (THIS FUNCTION FOR OUTLOOK 97).

If you want, I could send to you a test.

Well, I hope this useful.
I apologize for my english, but I tried to do my best effort.
Best Regards!!
Kathy Madrid
Occasional Visitor

Re: Sending a Page by E-mail