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Sendmail 8.11.1 and relaying...

Mark Hoensheid_2
Occasional Contributor

Sendmail 8.11.1 and relaying...

Hello to all:

I just upgraded our Sendmail from 8.8.6 to the 8.11.1 special release. It seems to work OK after building the new .cf file but I tested it for relaying and it appears to be open relay :-( I though this release would eliminate this as a default? Any tips on how to stop the open relay would be much appreciated?

Honored Contributor

Re: Sendmail 8.11.1 and relaying...

Just wondering what website are you going to or how are you testing your relay?

Craig Rants
Honored Contributor

Re: Sendmail 8.11.1 and relaying...

Yes, how are you testing?

I would:

telnet 25




if you are denied, then you are not an open relay.

Let us know,
"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is. " Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut
Mark Hoensheid_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: Sendmail 8.11.1 and relaying...


I have been talking to a fellow at the RSS site. After finding out our server was listed with them as an open relay, we upgraded right away to the 8.11.1 with no success.
Honored Contributor

Re: Sendmail 8.11.1 and relaying...

Awww .. the good ole black list syndrome .. been there done that .. I am still running 8.8.6 and managed to add some rulesets to get un blacklisted. I tried to upgrade to sendmail 8.9.3 and even 8.11 .. but it didnt work because we are running ldap and we need to upgrade ldap before we upgrade sendmail and right now I cant upgrade ldap. UGG its a nightmare. But I closed off my relay with no problem ..But now earthlinx found a hole =( I deny everyway but one .. and now I am totaly blocked from sending thoose fools email. I am working on a solultiuon for that too .. without having to upgrade... this may be a tough one though .. In case you are wondering here is the rule changes that I made to 8.8.6 to stop the "big" relay problem.

# first: get client addr
R$+ $: $(dequote "" $&{client_addr} $) $| $1
R0 $| $* $@ ok no client addr: directly invoked
R$={LocalIP}$* $| $* $@ ok from here
# not local, check rcpt
R$* $| $* $: $>3 $2
# remove local part, maybe repeatedly
R$+ $:$>removelocal $1
# still something left?
R$*<@$+>$* $#error $@ 5.7.1 $: 550 we do not relay

# remove RelayTo part (maybe repeatedly)
R$*<@$*$={RelayTo}.>$* $>3 $1 $4
R$*<@$=w.>$* $: $>removelocal $>3 $1 $3
R$*<@$*>$* $@ $1<@$2>$3
# dequote local part
R$- $: $>3 $(dequote $1 $)
R$*<@$*>$* $: $>removelocal $1<@$2>$3

Regular Advisor

Re: Sendmail 8.11.1 and relaying...

Hi Guys , I found my email server is an open relay can anyone out there can help to close the relay.

Cuurently I am running sendmail 8.10.2 , can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem without upgrading the sendmail.