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Sendmail DNS

robert sears_1

Sendmail DNS

Good morning,
I have recently upgraded my sendmail to a newer version. I have compiled my and all the other required binaries. When I send a test email to the outside world I have no problems. When I send to my self sendmail looks up the alias file, finds my name but returns a DNS lookup failure. I have no problem with resolving ip's and names from any other apps. Host files, nsswitch.conf and resolv.conf files all seem ok. Is my problem in the file?
Below is the test:

# /usr/lib/sendmail -v -t
to: sears
sears... aliased to Deferred: Name server: host name lookup failure

charon is my firewall

Steven Sim Kok Leong
Honored Contributor

Re: Sendmail DNS


Have you also checked the MX record points to the correct domain in the DNS?

Hope this helps. Regards.

Steven Sim Kok Leong
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